Bosch Built-in Dishwashers

  Bosch Serie 8 dishwashers combine cutting edge design and advanced technologies that reduce energy and water consumption whilst guaranteeing optimum cleaning performance. Zeolith technology which uses natural zeolite minerals absorbs moisture from the wash process and converts it into hot air which is released during the drying process. The hot air is distributed over the load producing perfectly dry dishes every time – very little energy and power is used during the entire drying phase. 

In addition to reducing energy consumption, our dishwashers come with features that reduce water consumption. ActiveWater uses only 6.5 litres of water to wash a full load of dishes – less water than it take to fill up a standard sink, that’s perfectly clean dishes with minimal water consumption. EcoSilence Drive also ensures our dishwashers are amongst the quietest in the world, operating at just 39 decibels, quieter than a buzzing bee. 

Bosch Built-in Dishwashers

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