A move toward built-in ovens from AEG


Over the last two years, the market has seen an increase in both the value and volume in the built-in ovens market. There has been a slow-moving trend towards single or compact ovens, as consumers choose to move away from double ovens and investing in new technology as they become aware of and understand the benefits of the same.

We believe that there is a move towards built-in ovens with pyrolytic cleaning in particular. This is a technology we see becoming standard in most kitchens, just as dishwashers have become in the UK. At the touch of a button, our AEG self-cleaning ovens will convert dirt, grease and food residue into ash. Simply wipe away and say goodbye to hours spent cleaning the oven.

There is also a move towards specialist functions such as Sous-Vide and steam, which enable consumers to cook much healthier food. Many consumers are leaning towards ovens with steam functionality as they share the belief that steam is a low-fat, healthier way of cooking. SteamBake technology within our AEG ovens adds moisture, improves flavour and texture while still ensuring that vital nutrients and vitamins are preserved. 



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