Housebuilder Product Awards 2019

Housebuilder Product Awards - entry deadline 15 February
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Housebuilder Product Awards 2019 

The 2019 Housebuilder Product Awards are now open for entries and are looking to reward excellence and innovation for products and systems which aid new home development in the UK.  

CATEGORIES - entry deadline 15 February


Full criteria and submission details can be found on the entry form

Please download, complete and return the entry form with all the documents required by 15 February.  Entries must be posted and will not be accepted by email. 

Please contact with any questions. 


1. Best building fabric product

This category will focus on the fabric of the building including doors, windows, roofing and external walls

2. Best internal/interior product

This category will focus on all internal/interior features of a home

3. Best services product

This category will focus on the services side of a development looking at products which aid heating, hot water or ventilation, including renewables

4. Best kitchens and bathrooms product

This category will focus on products used in the kitchens and bathrooms of new homes

5. Best external product

This category is aimed at products which focus on the external area of a new development and includes products developed for landscaping, gardens and driveways.  This category also incorporates below ground drainage.

6. Best site product

This category is aimed at products which focus on the building process itself helping in the on-site construction and delivery of new homes

7. Best health and safety product

This category is aimed at products or systems designed to improve health and safety on site or in the home

8. Best business product

This category is for products or systems designed to aid the business side of the housebuilding process such as IT, finance, office systems or customer care systems

9. Best brand new product

This category is open to products which are brand new to the industry.  Products may enter which have not yet been used on site but must display its credentials in how it plans to aid new home development

Please note

In all categorises - apart from category 9 Best brand new product - products must currently be used on site or in new homes construction in the UK.

In category 9 Best brand new product - entries are for products recently developed but which either have not yet been used on site or used on prototype or demonstration projects.

The judges retain the right to allocate any entries to an alternative category if they deem it more appropriate and to use their discretion over product timescales and age.

Products may be entered in more than one category.

Please provide separate entries for each category entered.

Hints & Tips

The judges want to see winning entries - it makes their lives easier. So to impress them you should:  

Ensure your entry looks good - make the effort to submit a great entry that is fit to win a Housebuilder Product Award

Play to the rules - stick to the 500 word limit, 4 sides of A4 paper, staple don't bind the paper together 

Make ten copies of the main entry - these are sent to the judges before the panels meet, so make a good impression

Include good quality colour images in these copied entries - this is what the judges will see first when assessing your entry

Make sure the entry is well written - get the best writer in the office to explain why your entry should win, or have the entries created professionally by an agency

Use images well - a pictures tells a thousand words and it is perfectly acceptable to include pictures in the main entry

Read and meet the criteria - the criteria for each category can be found on the entry form so show the judges how your entry meets these standards

Back up with testimonials - judges love endorsements from third parties, the best of these should be with your main entry and can be additional to your 500 words 

Include back-up information - More information can be submitted as back up - but it may be worth briefly mentioning within the main entry what support material is available

Avoid submitting entries that are rehashed press releases or are clearly not bespoke entries to The Housebuilder Product Awards