A Proctor: Roofshield, the contractor’s roofing underlay

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As Building Regulations continue to come under rising scrutiny, contractors are increasingly turning to the reliability of tried and tested high-performing British roofing underlays such as Roofshield.

The A. Proctor Group developed Roofshield 26 years ago in response to problems caused by the requirements of the UK's demand for cold-pitched roof construction and the drive towards ever-increasing thermal performance requirements. Roofshield is designed to ensure contractors are guaranteed the highest quality, providing a pitched roof underlay, which is both air and vapour permeable.

Under guidelines issued by the NHBC, independently certified air and vapour permeable underlays can be used without additional ridge ventilation in cold roofs. The use of Roofshield will lead to savings in labour and material costs due to the fact that no vapour control is required, and its high-performance air permeability means that the roof space has similar air changes to that of a roof using traditional eaves/ridge ventilation.

Since 1996, the A. Proctor Group have played a crucial role in pitched roof design, helping develop practical air and moisture movement strategies to ensure roofs are energy efficient and condensation-free.

Whatever the roofing type, in meeting the increasing demands of Building Regulations, contractors can rest assured of the reliable performance of a great British roofing underlay in Roofshield. The high performance of Roofshield, backed by two BBA Certificates, means it is a critical element in preserving and protecting the fabric of residential and commercial buildings.