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Marley Eternit has launched a new campaign to warn housebuilders about the dangers of poor quality roofing accessories.

The ‘Simply Better Roofing Accessories’ campaign highlights the risks of using inferior dry fix systems, with potential problems including incompatibility, inadequate drainage and in the worst cases a leaky roof.

While the new dry fix standard, BS 8612, will prevent some of these problems, it only sets minimum performance criteria, so housebuilders still need to be aware of quality differences between compliant systems.

Marley Eternit’s dry fix systems have been carefully engineered for robustness and quality, with special designed in features that will stand the test of time, as well as exceeding all of the test requirements of BS 8612.  

For further peace of mind and to ensure compliance with both BS 5534 and BS 8612, Marley Eternit offers a full pitched roof system - including tiles or slates, battens, underlay, fittings and accessories - all designed and tested to work together, backed up by the assurance of a 15 year system guarantee.  

For further information about Marley Eternit’s ‘Simply Better Roofing Accessories’ and full roof systems, visit www.marleyeternit.co.uk/accessories  

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