Prisk announces funding for large schemes

17th Dec 2012

The housing minister Mark Prisk has announced funding to help two large housing schemes, as part of the £225 million pledged in the Autumn statement to boost the delivery of 50,000 new homes.

This first round of funding is set to benefit the new town of Cranbrook, near Exeter, where £20 million will be used to aid the construction of 6,300 homes, generate 1,500 jobs and deliver a new rail station linking London and Exeter, the Department for Communities and Local Government (CLG), said.

The funding will also help to bring forward the Fairfield scheme of 6,000 new homes in Milton Keynes.

£2.5 million of the funding will be injected into housing programmes near Wokingham, which will allow local partners to solve transport issues and potentially unlock the delivery of more than 10,000 homes, DCLG said.

Prisk commented: “This government is serious about building more homes. That’s why we have been looking carefully at how we can accelerate large, planned housing schemes that already have the support of local people, but need help to move forward in the current economic climate.

“I would urge anyone with similar proposals to come forward and contact my department.”


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