NHBC report highlights overheating risk in new homes

13th Dec 2012

Energy efficient and airtight homes are at the greatest risk of overheating, the NHBC Foundation has found in its latest report.

The report – Overheating in new homes: a review of the evidence – reviews existing information and evidence on overheating,  approaching the issue from housing and health perspectives ahead of the warmer weather.

NHBC said that the problem, most likely to occur in small new homes and flats, could be eliminated at design stage, with the developer designing buildings less prone to indoor and outdoor heat gain and with adequate ventilation.

The report also found that overheating was likely to affect vulnerable groups such as the elderly. Mild symptoms of heat exposure, if left untreated, could rapidly develop into severe or potentially fatal illnesses, the Foundation said.

Neil Smith, NHBC’s group research and innovation manager, commented: “It is clear that the health risks alone indicate there is an urgent need across the industry to develop a universally accepted definition of overheating in dwellings, as well as thresholds for intervention.”

Overheating in new homes builds on NHBC’s report Understanding overheating: where to start, published earlier this year.

To download the latest report visit www.nhbcfoundation.org/overheatinginnewhomes


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